Life of a Runner: A Plan

Hello readers! Although this is my first full week back in Iowa, I’m not sure how exciting this will be. It’s a readjustment, from elevation to humidity. The two have similar effects on running. Well, I hope you stick around to enjoy this week’s entry!




2.05 miles, 17:49 (8:42/mile)

Today’s run didn’t go so well. I went with Mum and we headed out of Keystone, north on the road. I wasn’t feeling great. I haven’t really felt completely normal since coming back from Utah, but I think it’s just a matter of readjusting and the things travel does to your body.




3 miles, 26:03 (8:41/mile)

This was my first day back home in Brighton. Last night, I drove home rather late at night (and whilst storms were raging all around). As sometimes happens with me, once I am once again at normalcy, I tell myself I’m going to make changes, to be better. This time was no different, and I proved it by starting off with a 3 mile run in the afternoon. It was pretty humid; by the end I was dripping with sweat. It was raining almost all day, but it stopped at around 3 in the afternoon. I felt really good on this run, so when I got home I decided to do about 50 calf raises, and then I decided to challenge myself and hold a plank for as long as I can. Unfortunately, I only made it about 67 seconds because one of my cats decided to start pulling on my shorts. But I’m feeling good!


2 miles, 17:39 (8:48/mile)

I got up and went for a run this morning around town. I stayed off the highway because it was super foggy out. I felt good, especially at the end, so I started coming up with a plan to do a long run tomorrow. I’d like to do 6 miles. So we’ll see how that goes. When I got home, I decided to do a workout video. Normally, I’d only do one 10-minute workout at once, but I was feeling crazy, so I did 3. I chose to do upper body, lower body, and a core workout. Holy cow. The upper body and core weren’t so bad, but the lower body killed me. Yeah, that might have been a mistake considering I want to do a long run tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be too sore and can make it through.


5.08 miles, 46:00 (9:03/mile)

Well, I planned for 6 but I did just over 5. I’m not unhappy with the results. I woke up early and ate a granola bar, then got ready to go and left about 20 minutes later. The only reason I’m including that is because I went running just after eating, which, if you know me well, I am not normally able to do without feeling sick. I started out at a good steady pace, and I even discovered a new road to run on! My legs did feel a bit sore at the beginning, but they loosened up along the way. The third mile is what killed me. It was pretty slow and was tough to get through. After that, it was better. Maybe I could have gone on to do 6, but I felt stopping at 5 was the right choice. It was pretty humid for this run, but it was only around 64 degrees when I started running, so it was nice. Overall, I’m really happy with how today went, even with the pace I set. It’s a really good start for me.

When I got back home, I did band exercises. For those who don’t know, band exercises involve a large rubber band that you put your legs into, and you do various stretches and repetitions of movements. It helps strengthen your legs and hips, and it can also help alleviate soreness and tightness after a run or workout. One thing I know I need to work on, especially after hiking in Utah, is strengthening my hips, so doing bands once or twice a week will help with that, along with doing workouts.

After that, I sat down and made a running plan for the rest of the summer and the start of fall. I didn’t know how far down the line I should go, so I stopped in September. Basically, my plan is to run 6 times a week at around the same distance each day to get back into shape. Doing a long run on the weekends will help build up my aerobic base. It’s basic running knowledge: build your aerobic base first so then you can work on speed later. My main goal is to be in some kind of good shape for cross country camp and Mines of Spain. Camp is two weeks away and Mines is three. I don’t have much time, but I’m going to do what I can. That starts with consistency. I’m going to try to stick to my plan as much as possible and see where that gets me. This week, I’ll hit it with 4 miles a day and a long run of 6–7 miles.

Check in next week to see how it goes! And thank you to all of you who are supporting me. I greatly appreciate it. See you next week!

— Morgan