Life of a Runner: Back to Normal

Hello readers! This is a bit of a boring week compared to last week. The main objective: continue what I started, progress-wise. Enjoy!


3 miles, 26:14 (8:45/mile)

This was a pretty good morning. I woke up and ran right away. I really am anxious to keep up what I got going last week and I’m going to try hard to do that. That doesn’t mean keeping up that mileage right away because if I do, I think I may end up injured. But, step by step, I hope to get to the point where I can do that mileage every week. Taking it one step at a time. As for today, it felt good to be back at my normal pace. No more interval workouts for a while!


3 miles, 26:39 (8:53/mile)

Not as good as yesterday. It was kind of muggy this morning but really cool out. Actually, out by the horses, it was almost cold because of all the fog. My calf is still sore from last week, which is also why I’m not going all-in this week. Also, I find it funny sometimes which songs get stuck in my head while running. Today, it was “Blu” by Jon Bellion.


2 miles, 17:43 (8:52/mile)

My runs are steadily declining. My stomach didn’t feel great today. It was a bit later than the last two days, so a bit more humid. Even though it was only 66 degrees out, it felt hot. Today, the song choice by my brain was “Katie Queen of Tennessee” by The Apache Relay. I cut one mile off today because my calf is still very sore, and there was a bit more pain today than the day before. I’m going to stretch, and we’ll see about when my rest day for the week will be.


2 miles, 17:19 (8:40/mile)

I felt so lazy today. I didn’t go running until way later and just laid around because I didn’t feel like getting up. The run didn’t happen until 11:30. I didn’t do a lot of things I was supposed to do today, like mow the lawn. The run itself felt okay, but it was hot. Running by cornfields always makes it feel a lot hotter.

The other thing that’s exciting is that I’ve been back at school for a couple of days already. Don’t panic, school hasn’t started yet. I’ve just been decorating and rearranging my classroom, not to mention getting some things done that have to be done before school starts. Summer seems to have gone by so fast, and I just can’t believe school is starting next week! So there’s a lot to get done there, which may explain some of my laziness today. Even though I didn’t get a lot done today, the week on a whole has been productive.


3 miles, 26:50 (8:57/mile)

I was so close to quitting at 2 miles. I was at the end of my street and almost turned. But, for some reason, my legs kept moving forward even though my brain wanted to turn. At any right, I kept going. It was an alright morning. It was pretty foggy again, but I got a really early start because of some meetings at school today. I went kind of slow, but I have to listen to my legs. At least my calf felt better this morning. I’m just happy I made it through 3 miles. That always makes me feel very productive before a day of work.




2.03 miles, 17:22 (8:36/mile)

Yesterday ended up being my off day. That wasn’t really the plan, but it ended up working out that way. This morning felt great. I was a bit worried because I didn’t feel the best last night, but I ended up going faster than I’ve gone in a couple of weeks. It was really nice out, only 60 degrees at 8:00 this morning. Plus, there was a slight breeze.

Something else happened this weekend that was interesting. I got a lovely little package in the mail from a certain race director. It seems there was an extra piece of wood lying around after ye olde Mines of Spain, because I got one with my very own age division on it. They really didn’t have to do that, but it was really really sweet. I was so happy when I opened the package because what a surprise!

Here it is! Probably one of the nicest surprises I’ve ever received.

I was also just looking at pictures from that race as well. I might post one of them next week, if I feel a boost of confidence. As everyone knows, running pictures are almost never flattering, but we’ll see how I feel about it in a week. Maybe y’all will get lucky.

Anyway, that was my week in running. It’s a whole lot shorter than last week, but still good. I consider it a success! Even though I ran about half as far, I still feel like this was a really good week. Let’s just keep it going for another week. See you next week, after the start of my second school year! As always, thanks for reading.

— Morgan