Life of a Runner: Care

Hey readers! Another week of training for you. This is a short work week for me, so I will hopefully have some more time for running.



I volunteered at a track meet tonight, so I got home late and didn’t have time to run. I got some jogging in while helping with discus, so that was nice. It was also really warm out but also very windy.


3 miles, 25:12 (8:24/mile)

I was feeling pretty good today! My legs were a lot less sore from this past weekend, and I decided to go out around town. It did bother my hip a bit, so when I got home, I did some band exercises and leg swings. That might be too little too late, but I’m going to try to do what I can to help it. What also helps is having Brett here. Besides cooking for me, he also does help to get me motivated to run quite often, so that’s nice.



I fully planned on running today, but I had a bit of a bad day at work and couldn’t bring myself out of the funk to go run. Instead I laid on the floor for a while and then decided to spend my time reading instead, which ended up making me feel a lot better. And it is officially my Spring Break!


1 mile, 8:04

I did not feel like running today, but I did. It was kind of nice out but also a bit cold. My nose was running and my legs were bright red when I got back. I did a quick loop around and came back home, but it always makes me feel good when I can run close to 8-flat without trying too hard. Maybe I haven’t lost all of my speed.


2 miles, 16:26 (8:13/mile)

Today I drove up to my parents’ house to spend Easter weekend with them. Before I left, I decided to run a couple of miles because I knew it would make me feel better. And it did! It was a bit windy, but the run went by really fast. I ended up doing almost a full loop around town, which I don’t normally do. The full loop around Brighton is about 2.3 miles. That sometimes surprises me, as the loop back in Keystone was exactly 2 miles. Brighton doesn’t seem that much bigger, but it also could be that my route zigzags a little bit. Anyway, I got a lot done this morning before I left the house, and I was really excited to go home and see my family.


4 miles, 35:35 (8:54/mile)

My mom, my sister, and I went to run on the trail in Garrison. This was supposed to be a shorter run because of our long run tomorrow, but it ended up being a bit of a struggle. It was pretty hot, at least for what we’re used to right now. When we were running, it was around 70 degrees. I’m used to running in 40–50 degree weather! I was sweating buckets. I also did not feel so great the last mile. I kind of kept pushing it so that I could just get it over with instead of trying to slow down and recuperate. The long run wasn’t really on my mind until the last mile, whereupon all I could think was I am struggling to do four miles, so how the heck can I do ten? My hip bothered me a little bit, but not too much. After the run, I began hydrating like crazy for tomorrow. I feel really nervous about it.


4 miles, 35:24 (8:51/mile)

Yeah, so the long run didn’t happen. Again. We have good reasoning for it. My mom thinks it is unwise for me to push it so close to the race with my hip not feeling great. So the plan is for me to keep training, trying to push the mileage a bit, but really we’re just going into this race knowing we’re unprepared and just seeing what happens. That’s not the way I wanted to go, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my training, so I have to take what I can get this time around. It might be a huge blow to my pride come race time, but I still think I can climb out of this hole (the pit of despair).

Even though the run wasn’t what we had planned, we still did it. We did something. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked. We went at 3 in the afternoon, so it was hot, it was really windy, and our stomachs were still pretty full from our family Easter meal. For the first half mile, I thought I was going to throw up. I had to stop and stretch my hip a couple of times, and I thought I was going to die from the heat. I’ve had problems with my hip flexor in the past. At times, it has felt like a rubber band being stretched too far. On the run today, it didn’t feel like that, more just little twinges of pain and a general feeling of tightness in my hip.

After the run, I just felt sick for a few hours. I went back, showered, and then packed up my things to drive home. I know there are things I have to start doing to take better care of myself. Strength training is at the top of that list. I am not motivated to do strength stuff ever, but I have to if I want to be able to race in a couple of weeks and hopefully not die (that’s an exaggeration). So I have to start incorporating short workouts into my routine. For that, I also need to stay motivated, which is getting easier since it’s getting really nice outside, weather-wise.

I need to figure out some more ways to get me out the door each day, since the race is quickly becoming more daunting by the day. If any of you readers have ideas, please share! I’d appreciate it.

Other than that, thank you for reading. See you next week!

— Morgan

Teacher, Runner, Reader, and Writer. Destined for great things, I think.