Life of a Runner: Finding the Time

Hello readers! This is my first full week of school, so I’m really getting started with my new schedule and trying to fit everything in, both pertaining to the classroom and my life. I hope you enjoy this week!




2 miles, 18:04 (9:02/mile)

No, I did not get this week off to a great start, with an off day on Monday. I had a meeting after school that lasted a while and then I was very tired when I got home. But today I got off to a great start, getting up early and doing two miles before school! It was a bit rainy this morning — mostly just sprinkles — but I did see some lightning when I was almost home. It was also a fairly humid morning. Besides that, I felt pretty good. My neck felt so much better yesterday and today, so that’s all good news. Because I want to get the majority of my running done in the mornings before school, I do have to get up and go before the sun is up, so I have to be extra careful and safe. I am proud to say I have been consistently carrying my pepper spray with me every time I go for a run for the last month or so! I was never that good at remembering it before.


2 miles, 17:37 (8:48/mile)

This was a pretty good run! It was a very cool day, and still wet from yesterday (it rained all day). It was only 61 degrees when I went this morning. I was a little chilly in my t-shirt! I like running in the dark, but there are some disadvantages. One of those is that I have a very active imagination and will sometimes freak myself out when I see shadows or get to thinking about all the different ways in which my life could turn into a horror novel in the blink of an eye. That’s not very fun, but it does wake me up rather quickly. The other disadvantage is the pace. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but for me it always seems like I am moving very slowly in the dark. Very rarely, it will feel like I am absolutely flying while running in the dark when I’m really just going normal pace. Most of the time, though, I will feel like I am a snail moving along, and really my pace is not that slow. The darkness just makes it feel a lot slower. For instance, yesterday, my pace felt pretty normal, and it turns out I was going slow. Today, my pace felt very sluggish, but it was average for me in the morning. The dark messes with your senses for sure.

It is a very busy week for me, so I don’t think I’m going to get much running done in the afternoon. I either have meetings or work to do at the house after school. I feel bad because the cross country kids keep asking when I’m going to be at practice. I just don’t think I can do it right now because I’m trying so hard to get a handle on other things. Hopefully, things will slow down over the next few weeks.



I chose to mow the lawn rather than run. It had to be done, and I just didn’t have the energy to do both.


1 mile, 8:48

I couldn’t go very far today because there was quite a bit of lightning! That’s always fun, but it’s not a super smart thing to run while there’s lightning nearby. Not as dangerous as hiking in it! But still sort of dangerous. I did feel good about getting at least something in before the storm, though! It only rained on me a tiny bit. I thought about doing more after school, but it was raining then, too. There was very little non-rainy time today.


1 mile, 8:33

It was a pretty nice morning. I couldn’t go super far because I was very dehydrated and hungry. Also, it was foggy this morning, so I wanted to stay in town. Regardless, I managed to get down the street and back for a quick mile before breakfast. Brett is staying with me for this long weekend, and it’s always nice to have breakfast ready when I come back from a run. Today was different because I thought I was running super slow but it was actually a bit faster than normal. Maybe that’s because I laid in bed for an hour before I decided to get up and run. I was glad to go a little faster this morning!


2 miles, 16:51 (8:26/mile)

There are a few things to be happy about today! The first is that my pace was really good for a morning run. The second is that I had pretty much even splits, meaning my first and second mile time were just about the same (I think it was 8:23, 8:28 for both of them). I really like it when I can get even splits, but I like it even more when the times are good. It felt a lot hotter than it actually was. It was only about 65 degrees when I ran, but for some reason it just felt hot. Anyway, the run was good. I did push it a little bit the last quarter of a mile, but that’s just because I knew how great the first mile was. And I got to run by all the people going to church, which I enjoy. It makes me sort of miss going to church every Sunday.

I did realize I need to start trying to incorporate more strength training in my routine again. I have slipped back the last two weeks, and I don’t want that to continue if I can help it. I know it’s super hard to balance doing all the chores around the house, my work that I have to bring home often, and my running, but there must be a way for me to cram it all in every day. And I’m going to figure out how to do it because I do not want to slip back into being out of shape after the progress I’ve made this summer.

So this week wasn’t too impressive, but in my book it’s a step up from last week. I’m hoping as the school year goes on and I get back into my routine, I can hope to add things and still keep myself in shape and fit. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for reading and sticking with me!

— Morgan