Life of a Runner: Setbacks

Hello my dear readers! This week will be a relatively short entry, as I did not get much running done. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!



I took today completely off, as I was still pretty sore from the 10k. Today was also not a great day, and so I just needed a day off.


2 miles, 16:25 (8:13/mile)

I woke up and did a workout this morning. It was just a short lower body workout, but it woke me up and got me ready for the day. I was determined to have a much better day than yesterday! Then this afternoon, I went home and ran a couple of miles. I actually felt really good on the run. And I wasn’t going at that slow of a clip either, so that felt nice.


2 miles, 16:23 (8:12/mile)

This morning, I did an upper body workout. I actually received a wake-up call this morning from Brett, so I couldn’t very well hit the snooze button. Anyway, morning workouts always wake me up. I ran at the school tonight. Again, I felt good. And actually, my pace is almost the exact same as last night, so that’s cool!!


Did a morning core workout, skipped running tonight.



Originally, I had planned on running 4 miles tonight. But I got home and had a bad headache and my throat hurt, so I opted to rest. I did not feel good at all but I still had hope for the weekend.


2.1 miles, 17:42 (8:36/mile)

Well. Today did not go very well at all. I woke up feeling horrible. I ended up taking some ibuprofen and going for a short run. The run didn’t actually feel that bad, but I was sweating a ton. That could have been because it was pretty warm out, but I think a little of it had to do with the fact that I officially have a cold. I was coughing up stuff all day and just felt a general feeling of miserableness. I also just felt weirdly dizzy while running, which is not always a good sign. The run made me feel a bit better and made my sinuses clear up a bit, but I did feel kind of weak.



Today was a complete lazy day. It was partially to let myself recover, and I was feeling a lot better today than yesterday, but I also just didn’t really feel like running at all. It makes me upset because I felt amazing last week and thought I was really coming back, and then I got sick. That’s not the only reason why I didn’t run as much this week, but it did put a damper on my weekend. The only thing I can do is rest and recover so I can hopefully be better next week. I guess the lesson here is there are things you can’t control, but you have to just keep going. The most important step a person can take is the next one. (That’s not my quote, it’s from the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. I love those books. But the quote applies here!) Anyway, I am going to keep taking the next step, regardless of what happens.

I apologize for it being a short week, but next week will be better. Thanks for reading!

— Morgan

Teacher, Runner, Reader, and Writer. Destined for great things, I think.